Friday, 24 June 2011

List of Top 20 MLM Companies in India-Best MLM Company of India

One can find list of top and best 20 MLM Companies in India with contact number to call and get detailed information. We prefer Jeevan Anand Business Associates (P) Ltd. popularly known as "JAB Associates" as it is growing at a very high rate in comparison to other MLM companies and its joining cost is very low as compared to all other networking companies.

JAB Associate targets only Insurance and Gold Industry which is top most profitable and durable industry. Please find top 20 growing MLM company listings below:

MLM Company Name Product/Services Contact No. Website URL
Jeevan Anand Business Associates (P) Ltd. Insurance and Gold 9336402776
IMP Marketing Pvt. Ltd. Mulitiple Products 9594940158
Assure Life Care Health/Nutrition 3433203557
Global VIP Launch Health/Nutrition 9846256786
Jet Way Solutions Mulitiple Products 4443853191
Mission Total Health Mulitiple Products 9423139152
NePaisa From Mobile Mulitiple Products 9808619490
Peace Life Network (P) Ltd. Mulitiple Products 9386838100
Persist Real Estate Pvt. Ltd. Real Estate 8009990000
Phoenix Trade LInk Pvt. Ltd. Financial Services 1122485614
Rainbow Ideal Megamart Lingerie/Sleepwear 9670363102
RCM Business Mulitiple Products 1482670101
RMP Infotec Household/Decorative 4423463504
Wellmore Marketing Solutions MEducation/Books 4842356894
Sahara Care House Mulitiple Products 8002202220
Secure Life Mulitiple Products 9959746552
Sre Lifestyles Personal Care 9666551311
Success Idea Internet Service 9392299988
SVPS Mulitiple Products 8002001122
JAB Associates India Insurance/Gold 9313037445
Way2Win Marketing Mulitiple Products 4862228828

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